Shanghai International Asset Management


Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment Limited (“SGIL”)

Corporate structure:

Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment Limited (“SGIL” or the “Company”) is a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability in 1993. The Company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with ticker, as an investment company under Chapter 21 of the Listing Rules.

Investment objectives:

The Company aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investing in listed and unlisted equity and debt securities as well as other financial instruments and investment vehicles which are established or have significant operations or businesses primarily in the Greater China Region.

Investment Manager:

Shanghai International Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“SIAM”) is appointed as the Investment Manager of SGIL since November 1993, which is governed by the Investment Management Agreement as supplemented by a number of supplemental agreements.

The Investment Manager provides investment management services, mainly includes: (i) management of investments and reinvestments of the assets of its clients in order to achieve the investment objectives and policies of its clients; (ii) evaluation of investment opportunities, implementation of investment and realization decisions, supervision of investments and preparation of valuations in relation to its clients’ investments; and (iii) management of the corporate affairs and day-to-day administration of its clients.


Net Asset Value