Shanghai International Asset Management

Management Team(2020)

Management Team

LU Xuefang:

Mr. LU is appointed Chairman and a director of SIAM since August 2018. Mr. LU provides leadership for the board of SIAM and ensure it works effectively. He is also appointed a non-executive director of Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment Limited, an investment company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: where SIAM has been appointed the investment manager since 1993.

Mr. LU is a director and the president of SIIC Investment Company Limited, the holding company of SIAM and a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIIC. He oversees the operation of SIIC Investment Company Limited via various subsidiaries engaging in financial investment, property management, production and sales of consumer products, and hotel management.

Mr. LU has over 24 years’ experience in the fields of asset management, corporate and financial management, real estate and financial investment as well as capital markets operations. He joined the SIIC Group in 1996 and has held various senior positions in operating subsidiaries of the SIIC Group.

Mr. LU holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics and a Master’s degree in World Economics from Fudan University.

ZHAO Tian:

Mr. ZHAO is appointed the Managing Director of SIAM since October 2020. He is responsible for overall management and supervision in the business activities of SIAM and registered with SFC a licensed responsible officer to carry out asset management regulated activities. Prior to joining SIAM, Mr. ZHAO joined Donghai International Financial Holdings Company Limited since 2015, has been the Head of Compliance and Risk Management and CEO. He was responsible for overseeing regulatory compliance and risk management of the group and subsidiaries in carrying out dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management regulated activities, leading the group’s development through developing and implementing business strategies and operation plans.

Mr. ZHAO holds a Master degree in Global Political Economy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Law from East China University of Political Science and Law. He possesses qualification in judicial practice in China and equipped with years of legal and corporate management experiences in financial industry.

Sandy CHIU:

Ms. CHIU is the Chief Financial Officer of SIAM. She is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Ms. CHIU joined SIAM after the formation of the listed fund ( in 1993. Currently, Ms. CHIU is one of SIAM’s licensed responsible officers registered with the SFC to carry out regulated activities advising in securities and asset management.

Ms. CHIU is responsible for supervising and reviewing internal control, risk management and financial reporting functions of both SIAM and the listed fund ( She is also responsible for ensuring compliance of internal control procedures and investment mandate as determined by the respective boards and full compliance with regulatory requirements governed by various regulatory bodies.

Prior to joining SIAM, Ms. CHIU was a Senior Auditor of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) degree conferred by University of London and a Professional Diploma in Accountancy awarded by The University of Hong Kong Polytechnic.